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Brother Dennis Regan: Waiting on the Lord

Wait, this is a word most of us never want to hear. Everything now is fast, fast, fast, we want it all, and we want it now. This is not Gods way. God moves when He is ready and He wants us to move when He says not when we want to. Too many of us get ahead of God trying to get things done and then have Him bless them. It also doesn’t work that way, so we have to learn to wait on the Lord. We do this in expectation, in patience, in rest until the time appointed for God to move. If we can learn this it is much better for our walk with him.

In Luke 2:22-32 we see a man named Simeon he was a Priest, when he was young the Holy Spirit told him he wouldn’t die until he saw Christ the Lord. He is an Old Man now and has waited many years for the promise to be fulfilled, but it was. God is always faithful to his word. If we could think of the expectation he had everyday looking for the Lord Jesus every baby he looked at could have been the one. Now at last in his old age the promise was complete and he could go on and depart in peace.

When we try to handle things on our own we always run into problems. We see this happen in 1Sam 13:7-14. The Prophet Samuel told King Saul to wait for him to come. Saul got side tracked by everything around him the people, the enemy, and he made some bad decisions. Whenever we let the outside world get to us we make bad decisions and then consequences come with the decisions. In waiting Saul’s kingdom would have been established, now it was taken from him to give to someone who is after Gods own heart. This all happened because he chose not to wait on the Lord.

This next part is very powerful if we could really grasp what God is saying we would gladly rest in the Lord and Trust him at his word. In        Isa 30:15-18 it says in returning and rest you shall be saved; and in quietness and hope shall be your strength. This is a mouth full in itself if we can understand in rest is our Salvation. We have strength in quietness not in screaming, yelling, or complaining, but he says we won’t. We think we can so something or escape quickly, but the enemy is faster. However fast we try on our own the enemy is faster.

We try to find help to fight him, but the devil finds more to fight against us and in the end we are lonely as a flag pole on a barren hill.

The best part of all this is the Lord waits to be gracious to us. He is waiting to show us mercy, when we finally trust in him. The word says we are blessed when we wait for him. This is a powerful truth folks.

To top this all off we get to go to Psalms 130, the whole chapter speaks to us. The understanding is this, we can call out to the Lord and ask him to pay attention to us and He Does. That in itself is wonderful knowing the Lord will give us his full attention at our asking. Then we wait on the Lord we make our soul wait and that brings us hope. We don’t let the things we see or hear or anything that affects our soul to have dominion over us. We let the Spirit of the living God have dominion then there is hope for us.

The wow part is Hope in the Lord is Mercy and Abundant Redemption for us. Let me say that again the Hope God gives us brings Mercy and Abundant Redemption. That means whatever the devil, the world, life or anything that attacks us cannot match His Mercy or even come close to His Abundant Redemption, and all we have to do is wait on the Lord.

It is so simple God makes it that way for us so I say. Lord I rest in you and receive your Mercy and Grace. The rest is up to you Lord I’ll watch and wait for your answer with great expectation.  Amen

Bro Dennis